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I know the old Hitchhikers Guide To The Galaxy (hgg) is old news, but I honestly was immensely disappointed in it. I believe that the series needs a very good movie (as did the author himself) but not as a singular film to attempt to cover all the books, as such the Disney film did, but a full blown series of films covering all 5 books (and maybe the mini-story).

HGG is a nice release of the standard science fiction that we see almost every time a new movie comes out. It's not gritty, it's not serious and it's brilliantly written to the extent that each book is it's own hour and a half movie entirely without having to worry about much of a script.

The best part about the Disney version of it, is that it had a great narrator behind it who could come back and help do the narration jokes that would be fillers between the action.

I don't know about you but I'm tired of gritty sci-fi that is consistently repetitive and there is something about Adam's writings that help relieve that standard look on how sci-fi should be looked at while still sticking with the basics. Hopefully some newer films will follow in it's foot steps. As long as Disney doesn't get a hold of it.

I imagine that each book could be it's own series (already mentioned), I think the actors that they had for the Disney one were brilliant, and might be nice to have again. If this film were to be made there would have to be a lot of narrated scenes as well to go along with the inside jokes, rather than just have the typical ones like 42, the whale, and the penguin.

So Hitchhikers, what do you think? Would you enjoy a rebooted hhg film, and would it be better as a series rather than one entire movie?


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