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Last night we finally got our long awaited second trailer for Captain America: The Winter Soldier, and man did it deliver! The new trailer was much better than the first one, showing a lot more action, and a lot more Bucky!

But there was something that caught my eye and made me wonder... Who's the dead guy? And also, what dead guy could actually make Black Widow show some emotion?

Well kids, lets run down the list of possible "Dead Guys"

1. Nick Fury

In the Trailer we see his car blown up, tipped over, and we also see him laying in a hospital bed, looking.. not so good. But wait, We later see him with his face all bruised up while talking to Captain America, so it can't be Nick Fury.

2. Hawkeye

This is a great choice! Surely he must be our "Dead Guy" Black Widow loves this guy, she has a real connection with him as we saw in 'The Avengers' it has to be him!... Right?... Well, sorry kids, hes not our "Dead Guy" IMDB says Hawkeye is not in the movie and also, Joss Whedon said Hawkeye will have a big role in the next Avengers film. Well Damn! guess its not him either.

3. Alexander Pierce (Robert Redford's Character)

Now here's someone they could kill off without actually ruining any further movies. Maybe him and Black Widow have some sort of special relationship we'll get to know more about when we see the movie. I don't know... This one just doesn't feel right, I don't see it. I can't really see Black Widow shedding a tear over the guy.

4. Agent Sitwell

At first I did not add this person to my list of Dead People. But the more I think about it, this could very well be our dead guy. We know from set photos and IMDB that Agent Sitwell is indeed in the movie. We also know that Black Widow and Cap give him somewhat of a beating, I'm guessing after they find out some not so good news about him. So it would make sense that if she gave him a beating and probably accused him of some things that he may or may not have done, she would be crying after seeing him dead. Or is he really dead?

Wait a minute people. I just had a thought, a light bulb just turned on in my head, yea this is the one, this has to be it. Lets take a look back at Nick Fury for a second.

In the trailer we see him laying on the hospital bed, looking not so hot, but that's not the point I'm trying to make here. Take a look at Captain America, Black Widow, and Agent Maria Hill, in the picture below.

The picture is a little dark yes, but look at the clothes they are wearing in the picture above. And now look at the clothes they are wearing in the picture below.

It's the same 3 people wearing the same clothes, right after we just saw Nick Fury laying on a hospital bed. So one can only assume that the 'Dead Guy' under the sheet must be Nick Fury. Now does this mean Nick Fury is dead? No, not at all. Nick Fury is known for using 'Life Model Decoys' in the MCU so this could very well happen.

So with all that being said. Its possible that Nick Fury may die, or fake his death, and return for The Avengers 2.

But would Marvel really do that? Would they really make it that obvious that they're going to kill someone and make it obvious just who it is, that they plan on killing? I don't think so. I think this is a trick to make us think we know who they're going to kill, and then they'll throw us a curve ball during the movie and have us all saying 'Well damn, I didn't see that one coming.'

You can see the UK trailer below. It shows a few different scenes that were not shown in the American version of the second trailer. It also shows us a peek at Agent 13 (Sharon Carter)

So what do you all think?


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