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Mimi Schweid

The Following on Fox was and still is one of my favorite TV shows on television currently on air. It has everything from drama, to sass to entertaining fight scenes.

If you watched last season than you know what I mean. Every episode I was jumping out of my seat and this season is even creepier.

Tonight's episode, 2x03 Trust Me, had plot twists at every commercial break. But to not spoil too much all I will say is Mark's got a crush on Emma so it seems like the twins are the only ones that can and will be happy this season.

New Cast that we've had so far that actually makes a difference in my opinion:

Mark and Luke are played by Sam Underwood.

Jessica Stroup plays Max Hardy, Ryan's niece.

Connie Nielsen plays Lily Gray

Returning from last season:

Kevin Bacon as Ryan Hardy

Shawn Ashmore as Mike Weston

James Purefoy as Joe Carroll


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