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"A day without laughter is a day wasted." -Charlie Chaplin .
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I don't think you're the only one, but your sarcasm has such a potent smell.

The title of this article is quoted from a disappointed moviepilot reader that didn't agree with my post about "The Blue Ear" (a deaf new superhero based on a 4 year-old child from Marvel comics).

I guess that wasn't enough for his poor soul, my only issue with knuckleheads like him is their ignorance.

If you read below what Moviepilot is all about it states -

Moviepilot is the new home for the most avid moviegoers and TV show junkies out there. A great place to discover, discuss, and read about upcoming movies and TV shows. Our content is derived from a global network of bloggers, film journalists and passionate fans.

Moviepilot is the fastest growing movie fan community in the world, already reaching over 13 million of the most avid US movie and TV fans. Our technology helps major and independent studios better understand their audience, power the social distribution of their content, and use social media more effectively and efficiently to find and reach their audience.

"But hold up Evan! You just made my point because i'm expected to read about only movies and tv shows, not some kid from 2012 or your stupid fancastings!"

Ahh! You're right my friend BUT there's more! As a contributor for the site we are encouraged by our head staff to post articles involving originality. From fan-art, fancastings, behind the scenes videos, funny vids, goofy articles, rants, comicbook talk, top-favorites, trailers and of course MOVIE NEWS!

And let me add that the site has plenty of movie and tv show news! Many of the articles we make connect with movies or the entertainment industry. Writers/contributors at moviepilot are more than happy to read the fans' opinions on what we should report but show some respect, that's our only request.

I can't speak for everyone in the Moviepilot Community but as an individual I can take criticism but I can not take stupidity and ignorance, I will more than likely reply to your comment in a manner that you're not use to but it's all in good intentions because we at (Moviepilot) do not want to spread negativity.

This is a website for everyone and anyone to check out, if you're having a bad day please don't spread it on others in the comments section, it's very annoying and shows the public your lack of class.

At the end of the day this site is full of everything to read about and I encourage readers to voice their respectful opinions, if you feel like a certain article should be posted try becoming a contributor. I would love to read new articles from new writers. Every writer on this website is talented and they bring something new to the table everyday!

Side note: Please, don't complain about news being old because not everything is about ONE PERSON. So if you've read something in the past don't assume EVERYONE else has read it too, move along to another article while others enjoy. News will always be news, no matter if it's good, bad or's news!


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