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Phil M Payton

Entering the fourth episode, we’re still very much planted in Cheryl’s mansion which is ok but I want to see the show go out of those walls. There’s still a good number of episodes left to do that but the sooner the better. But when they’re this good it doesn't matter, yes we’re again in the mansion but boy, oh boy was it a good one.

As I said we’re still in Cheryl’s manor and they’re trying to tackle Pam’s coke problem - obviously she ain’t too happy with that. And then when an FBI agent gets thrown in the mix things really kick in. There are a lot of things going on here off shooting from the main plot. ‘Lana’ and ‘Archer’ actually a nice talk that ends up with ‘Archer’ saying something inappropriate. ‘Malory’ and ‘Ron’ fight and we learn a lot about Cyril’s interests. It’s a very character driven show but even more so this week. The plot isn’t too far off season 3’s ‘Lo Scandalo’ with the FBI agent looking around the house convinced something is wrong - ensuring at the end he will be back. And the solution to the episode takes a left turn at the very end but makes sense and reinforces what’s to come on that preview. (and if the next episode preview is to go by we are moving away from the mansion next week Eeh!).

Breaking the run of B+ was easy for this, it’s classic ‘Archer’ a simple yet nice story backed up hilarious banter, one liners and inappropriate talk. And of course hulk ‘Pam’. It’s never held the constant jokes throwing of something like ‘Bobs Burgers’ where a miss doesn't matter because the next one will get you. It’s clear each line is looked at and refined into something funny and this week more or less everything was down right brilliant. And Archer’s obscene references make a return with his “what are you….” bit. Easily best of the season and one of the best the shows ever done.

I may have complained about not venturing outside the walls of the manor but when its this good i take it back. It’s clear now what this show is doing and it’s a sure thing it’s happening. Cocked up ‘Pam’ is great and i’m sure will be the highlight of the series. Just give me more, you want a reason why i like this show so much? this is it.

A+, 9.5/10

Favourite Parts:

- Remnants of my all time favourite episode ‘Lo Scanalo’. - Cheryl: "Maybe that’s why the colored maids never felt safe in this place. There they’d be polishing a spittoon or whatever. And suddenly, grandpa!". Agent: "Good, because I’ll be watching you like a hawk. That’s been bred with an eagle to produce some sort of eagle eyed super hawk, with a badge!". Krieger: "And I’m not a doctor, well, I’m definitely a doctor, so I think we’re good now. Yep, yep, yep.". All the metric stuff and the Ripley quotes.


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