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The LEGO Movie is an upcoming animation that just about everybody wants to see. If you loved Lego as a kid, this is for you. If you love animations or comedies, this is for you. Kids, teens and adults all will be flocking to their local cinema to catch a glimpse of what looks to be this year's most promising animation. Here are my 5 reasons why it will be great. Enjoy!

1. The Hilariously Great Cast

This cast for me, and I'm sure everybody else, too, is just perfect. They could have rushed it and gotten mediocre actors and just made easy money, but no, they got some of Hollywood's best and my personal favorite actors. Parks and Rec's Chris Pratt is the main star with co-star Nick Offerman there too. Legends like Will Arnett, Will Ferrell and Morgan Freeman feature and some of my favorites: Charlie Day, Jack Johnson and Liam Neeson are there too. It's a never-ending list of greatness!

2. The Animation Looks Great

Another part of this movie I love is the animation. A nicely animated movie definitely adds to the overall experience and The LEGO Movie looks amazing. From the physics of their walk to how they look visually it all looks fun, sharp and true to Lego. What more would any fan want?

3. The Characters

Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, Green Lantern, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Abe Lincoln and even God. That is a fantastically random ensemble of characters. Oh, and we can't forget Emmett.

4. The Production Team

As far as animation and comedy go, this movie is in good hands. Both directors, Phil Lord and Christopher Miller, are no strangers to animation as they were the force behind Cloudy With A Chance Of Meatballs. Also, writer Dan Hageman worked of the great Hotel Transylvania.

5. The Trailer

Every day I watch a countless amount of movie trailers, impressed by some, laughing at few. But this one I loved straight away. It's a great trailer I've watched about 5 times and have laughed at every single time. Definitely worth a watch if you haven't done so already!

That's my list on why this movie will be great. Comment with your opinions or quickie reviews if you've seen an early screening!


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