ByDave Conley, writer at
"Smokey, this is not 'Nam. This is bowling. There are rules."
Dave Conley

Lego's have been around all my life! As a child I spent hours building with them and as an adult even though I've cursed them when stepping on one while barefoot in the middle of the night I've enjoyed hours of Lego animation on YouTube. I always had to stop at the Lego store in Disney World to check out the beautiful sculptures there. I even cried a little when Hurricane Charlie destroyed the Lego dragon there. And of course now that I moved back to New York they have opened a Lego land in Central Florida. To heck with going to see that old mouse next time I visit!

So imagine my excitement when they decided to make a Lego Movie! Even though at first I was like Whaaaa! Then I was like Whooo-whaaa! Then since I've seen the trailers I was like WAAAHOOOO! This movie looks AWESOME! I mean it has an incredible cast of voice talent. For god's sake it has Morgan Freeman and like he says "That man could make a phone book sound interesting"

I've known about and played with Lego's all my life, but the Lego story is older than that (believe it or not). This film is the culmination of years and years of imagination and building that all started in Billund , Denmark by Ole Kirk Christiansen . But here, see for yourself.

There is something magical about a childish imagination. The story of all the hard work and determination that led up to what looks like a great bit of fun this weekend. I predict No. 1 at the Box office and fun for children of all ages. I believe watching this movie will make the next time I step on one in the middle of the night barefoot a lot less painful and that would change history!


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