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As I said in my previous article about Frozen, it is one of my most obsessed films of the year. Probably even longer than that. What I, and most people, like to do when a film you like is still in theatres, is get a companion book to the film. After I feel into the vibe of Frozen on the premiere night I just knew that I had to get the book entitled, The Art of Frozen.

This beautiful book is not only my visual companion; it’s an inspiration to my future as a filmmaker. Why? Because, back in the day immature people would tell me that film making is an easy way to make a bunch of money and it’s a joke. Hopefully when one purchases this book, they will truly understand the amount of imagination and time goes into these films, and why it's only the truly passionate that make it happen.

I have collected a lot of “Art of” books, such as “The Art of The Avengers”, “The Art of Iron Man 3” and a lot of Disney Animation ones. But nothing comes to beat “The Art of Frozen”.

“The Art of” books are in depths looks at certain film titles from pre-production to release. In the case of “The Art Frozen”, an obsessed fan will get to see never before concept art from the film. Readers will get early looks and the developments of characters such as Anna and Elsa. You will see character and set designs that never made it into the film. You will also get to see beautiful stills from the final film.

“The Art of Frozen” is written by Charles Soloman, with a preface of Producer and Disney Executive John Lasseter, and a forward by Directors Chris Buck and Jennifer Lee.

When I went to purchase this book, they were all sold out! Even online! In store and online orders estimated shipping to take about 1-2 months at most. I was glad to find the last in store that was waiting to be purchased.

So what do you Frozen fanatics think? Will you purchase this book? If so, which character or designs are you most excited to see? Comment below, let me know!

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