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Charlie Knight Jr.

Well, my review is at least relatively timely for the Blu-ray/DVD/Digital Download/On Demand release. Tuesdays are going to become my “cheap seats” day where I go to the movies for $2. The catch is that these are movies that have been out for a while… but at least I don’t have to spend a lot of money for something that I’m only mildly interested in.

I actually enjoyed this a lot more than I had expected to, perhaps even more than the first film. Although, to be fair I think that might be because my expectations were on the high side for the first film and on the low side for this one. Overall, I laughed (well, at least chuckled) more in this film than the predecessor, although I thought it had a weaker story (not that the first one was anything to write home about). By the way, if you haven’t seen the first film it’s all summarized in the first few minutes of this movie, so don’t worry about “being lost” as far as the story is concerned.

The voice acting was all fine. Terry Crews took over for Mr. T and I honestly didn’t notice until the credits. I was happy to hear Kristen Schaal, who I think is great (speaking of which: if you don’t already you should watch Bob’s Burgers, it’s my favorite animated show on TV). The movie was overly predictable, but so what? It was fine for what it was.

The absolute best part of this movie had to have been the end credits sequence in my eyes. I loved it. I thought the animation was beautiful and interesting.

When I reviewed the first movie I basically said that if it looked like something you might like you probably would, and if it didn’t look like your thing you probably wouldn’t like it. I think the same thing basically goes here as well. This isn’t anything new or amazing, but it’s fine for what it is. If you saw and enjoyed the first movie, then I recommend this one, but otherwise you could probably skip it.


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