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Evan Lee

"Hi. I'm Eddie Brock. Can Peter come out and play?"

--Edward Brock (Earth-616)

TASM 2 (Enemies Unite Sizzle) Trailer was awesome! This time they showed a whole new side to Electro that previous trailers failed to accomplish. Something did catch my attention, I never notice little things in trailers like this but I had to be an obsessed nerd and rewind the trailer a few times to get a better look at whatever this was @ 0:55.

Some Spidey fans think it's Venom or possibly Green Goblin crawling on the side of the building, I actually think it's an editing error, probably a random person in the shot, still, I could be wrong.

My friend SevenWebHeads breaks down the trailer and points out a lot of information so pay close attention.

Tell me in the comments below on what you think about this movie so far?


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