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You wanna know why The Walking Dead Season 4 is going to be awesome? Because Daryl Dixon said so.

Ahead of the mid-season premiere on Sunday night, Norman Reedus has spoken about what we can expect for the remainder of the season and why the back eight episodes are going to be the best yet:

I will say that the back eight are in my opinion are our best eight episodes yet. The storylines, the acting, and the directing, and the writing are top of our food chain. I’m so excited for people to see these episodes. You get an understanding of why certain characters are who they are, why they fight for what they fight for, or why they don’t fight. You really get an in-depth look at characters like you’ve never seen before.

Showrunner, Scott Gimple, and creator, Robert Kirkman, have both admitted that the remainder of the season is treading a very dark path — so much so that AMC is reportedly quite "worried" about it — while Reedus also revealed that the back eight is really different from anything we've seen before:

You have the same characters dealing with the same things, but the way that they are shot and the way that they are written…that’s the joy of this show that it’s constantly evolving. As soon as you get comfortable, everything gets ripped out from under you. It’s such good writing in the back eight.

There are some really brutal storylines from the comic that I think might be coming up over the next few weeks, and most of them involve stabbing, dismemberment and death.

It's clear that we're in for one heck of a violent ride.

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