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I was watching Ghost Rider the other day, and enjoying it! So I thought to put together this list of comic book movies that I enjoy but aren't that bad.

5. Daredevil (Directors Cut)

Now I dont know about you, but I thought Daredevil was a little cool, it wasnt great or terrible but it was alright, but then I watched the Director's Cut. The Directors Cut was a better version of the movie and should be what people remember.

4. Aliens Vs. Predator (2004)

So I liked AVP for what it was, I thought it was entertaining but I would have liked if they had a huge spaceship where there are a bunch of Aliens and Predators in space and go the "Aliens" and make it an action film where the Colonial Marines are killing the Aliens but then the Predator comes in and now they have to also kill the Predator. The second movie was terrible. Also, just in case you didnt know, AVP is based on a Dark Horse comic series of the same name, so technically its a comic book film. I lowered my expectations for this film since I heard it was so terrible and since my expectations were low, I was pretty impressed. It gives us what we want, the Alien fights the Predator.

3. Spider-Man 3

Now I know that you want to rip me apart for saying that but it is a damn fine entertaining movie. Now I know the emo-peter scenes and how they messed up Venom with casting Topher Grace as him. Now take away the Venom and the Emo-Peter and what do you get? A badass Spider-Man film. Sandman was very well done in that movie, the battles were interesting, seeing Franco become New Goblin was pretty interesting to see and it shows Peter dealing with emotional problems, I dont mind popping this movie in my DVD player whenever someone wants to watch it.

2. Ghost Rider

Now this movie isn't great, its not perfect, but its not bad. For me, its a guilty pleasure and I like it, I thought it was pretty cool and badass. I think this movie is a damn fine action film and when you see a flaming skull riding a motorcycle and throw a chain to a helicopter and throw it, isn't that pretty awesome? Now, the villain "Black Heart" was pretty stupid, so didn't you like it when Ghost Rider took the souls out of him and put him to rest?

1. Ghost Rider: Spirit Of Vengeance

My god, I was so surprised when I saw the reviews for this film. People said it was one of the worst comic book movies and its not,this is when I make a stand for all the people who secretly love this film and are afraid to admit it but screw you, this movie was awesome. I get it, its total cheese, but its good cheese and its awesome. I loved seeing Ghost Rider on the big screen turning a big saw into one of his awesome weapons and it was pretty cool to see him ride again. This movie is an awesome action film and I know that I cant be the only person who likes it, right?

Let me know which one of these films you actually like and write in the comments if you have a comic book movie that you actually like but many people don't!


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