ByAlex Brickey, writer at
Alex Brickey

We all know, one of the most significant and surprising deaths in comic book history is that of Gwen Stacey, Spider-Man's first love.

I've read a lot about speculation of Gwen's death in the upcoming sequel to The Amazing Spider-Man (2012), including Gwen's surprisingly recognizable wardrobe.

Gwen Stacey
Gwen Stacey

As you can see, its quite similar to the outfit she is wearing during her untimely death in the comic.

I was never fully convinced of these rumors, until now, that is.

As you can see from these images in the new Amazing Spider-Man 2 trailer, you see Peter seemingly screaming in pain and/or agony. Could this be the proof that Gwen will die in the upcoming film?

What is it Peter is grieving about? Is this the same building from the trailer where Gwen falls? Is he screaming in pain, or agony? Could this be proof of the fate of Gwen Stacey?


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