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The Canyons (2013), the latest film by movie director Paul Schrader, visualizes a stream of subconscious desire of control and independence among some late 20 and early 30 something bored, obsessed and struggeling Hollywood film actors and director wannabies.

It’s Lindsay Lohan’s latest and most controversial movie, which is also produced by her. And it’s also a movie about her as a testimonial for the rebellious and often as sexual explicit blamed US fashion retailer American Apparel. Because Lindsay’s sexual offensive and checkered life fits perfectly to the brand’s image.

Like her flashy red and 80s inspired - according to the American Apparel website -, one-piece mesh bathing suit that she wears during the swimming pool scene.

The shiny red lets her stand out in contrast to her completely black dressed boyfriend Christian (James Deen), the white of the swimming pool, the sun lounge, the green of the woods and the blue of the sky and water.

Her outstanding red visualizes that the focus is on her and that she is the object of the sexual tension that stirs the emotions between her, Christian and Ryan (Nolan Gerard Funk).

The color red makes people aggressive, like Christian in this pool scene, who is really upset about her, jealous and interrogates her like a devils advocat.

Picture Source: Eonline                                                                 Copyright by The Canyons / IFC Films
Picture Source: Eonline Copyright by The Canyons / IFC Films

And the symbolic meaning of her swimsuit goes even deeper when you realizes that it has a big V shaped lucent mesh in the front which functions as an arrow that steers the viewers eye directly to her sexual parts.

Furthermore, the model of her swimsuit is called Gloria-V and gives her role character Tara - which is, by the way the name for a goddess in various Asian mythologies - another symbolic twist, because the movie is about her shining glory - her aura or her Aureola, which describes the radiance of the luminous cloud, especially in Christian paintings of sacred peoples, like saints & virgins, which surrounds the whole figure or just their head - that attracts Ryan and Christian, and makes them want her..

Picture Source: American Apparel
Picture Source: American Apparel

And the V also stands for victory and is maybe a little prophetic sign of her real life, where she wants to succeed with this new ambitious movie, and for her role character Tara, who tries also to survive in Hollywood, wins over Christian & leaves him… and so, finally it all makes sense. But do you think Paul Schrader chose her swimsuit accidentally or on purpose - I fear that only he and Keely Crum, the costume designer, know for sure…

Copyright by The Canyons / IFC Films

Picture Source: Filmtrailer

Picture Source: Eonline

Picture Source: American Apparel

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