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Nicolas Carmona

Recently Bryan Singer spoke a bit about two of the characters on his upcoming movie Days of Future Past. He mentioned that he told Marvel that he was going to use Quicksilver a long time ago and that the characters from what they are doing and Marvel is doing will be very different; among that the screentime of the character. Apparently he will only be in one main scene, his role will be mostly a cameo and a reference to his origins (Magneto’s son); though this brings up the question, is this a son from the future or from the past? We have seen him on pictures from the past but Magneto is kind of young to have a son that old, but sometimes logic and continuity doesn’t apply to the X-Men movie series so I guess we shall wait and see. I still feel this character is being underutilized and maybe they are setting him up for a bigger role in Apocalypse.

The other comments were regarding Bolivar Trask, the “main villain” of the movie, creator of the sentinels and political power for the anti-mutant movement. The main thing that they talked about was how his height will impact his motives, he sort of feels like a mutant and though it is not like the ones he is trying to destroy it still gives him a self-hate motivator. This makes him a villain with more dimensions and this is something that will work well with the movie, whenever a villain is more than just conquering the world for the hell of it the villain feels short (no pun intended) against the larger universe, but in here with more context and bigger motivators we can see that Bolivar Trask will be a very interesting antagonist and the portrayal by Dinklage will be epic as we have come to know from him.


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