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A lot of "official" buzz has been circulating the net lately about what we can expect from Jesse Eisenberg's portrayal of Lex Luthor in the upcoming sequel to Man of Steel.

Among the rabble are some actual rumors that are grounded in creative decisions currently being debated on by the studio execs over at Warner Bros. Note that the following rumors are subject to change, of course, but are pretty revealing in how they set up the creative vision Zack Snyder has for this upcoming superhero epic (which will hopefully be epic).

Let's begin!


Bruce Wayne will allegedly be working with Lex Luthor in order to help rebuild Metropolis after the events of Man of Steel. In regards to Superman, Wayne is a fan while Luthor considers him an outsider, or alien, that doesn’t belong.

Interestingly, the relationship between Luthor and Wayne is already established. They’ve known of each other for years, but they hate each other. Wayne thinks Luthor is amoral, while Luthor believes that Wayne has never worked for everything he has.


Luthor will have his iconic shaved head, along with a tattoo of the Metropolis skyline on his right arm.

This apparently has something to do with some gang experience he had as a kid. He was initiated into a street gang when he was 14 and then took it over within a year.


Luthor became a billionaire on his own at the age of 18, thus becoming CEO of Lexcorp. He is described as a ruthless genius with street smarts.

This contrasts with other origins surrounding Luthor, who achieves his wealth from his father, Lionel Luthor. In this iteration, however, it seems Lionel won’t have that same role, if any.

And that's about it so far. What do you think? Will these creative decisions actually stick, or is it just a bunch of kryptohype? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.


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