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ian Guthrie

I admit it. When i first saw Dragonball Evolution, I only saw the first half of it. The last time I saw it was about mid to late December, and then I realized something:"man, this movie SUCKS".

I loved DBZ when I was little, and this movie is a disgrace to the franchise. This movie LITERATELY TOOK A CRAP ON THE DRAGONBALL FRANCHISE! Goku isn't even blonde, Piccolo looks like a (slight) rip-off Spock, but with the ears on his head, JUST LOOK!

This movie doesn't even take from the source material, the dialog is just terrible.. and with all the awkward silences....this movie just wastes your time. I STRONGLY SUGGEST NOT WATCHING THIS! I give this about -9/100. yeah..this movie sucks THAT bad.

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