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Will Wharton

I love Joffrey. I feel he's unfairly judged by people who have no concept of how it feels to be a child of incest. I mean, the poor kid is playing with half his marbles. Everyone knows: incest brains be trippin.

So it was with a modicum of horror and a great deal of sadness, that I found out Game Of Thrones was hosting a event on twitter a few weeks ago. Fans turned out in their millions to insult, belittle, laugh at and demonise the boy king who's just trying to do right by his family. His incest family.

Helpfully GoT has summarised the action, along with the best tweets, in a funny (if you're heartless) little video where poor Joffrey gets what he (doesn't) deserve.

Any laughter will be reported to Mother:


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