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The Walking Dead makes its long-awaited return on Sunday and with it the promise of faces new.

Abraham, Eugene and Rosita, three iconic characters from the comic book source material, are set to make an appearance and creator, Robert Kirkman, has revealed that it will be a game-changer:

These characters are going to be extremely similar to who they were in the comics and I’m really excited about that. The visuals and costuming for them has been absolutely amazing. These people really do look like they were torn out of the comic page, it’s pretty startling...They really are going to add a very interesting and very compelling dynamic to the show. I think they’re going to bring in elements to the show that we've never really explored before and I think that’s exciting and something that’s going to change the game to a certain extent.

Fans of the comics will no doubt be super excited about finally seeing the introduction of these iconic characters. They are responsible for some of the most gripping and brutal storylines, which means things could be about to get very messy indeed.

Kirkman also spoke about the cryptic radio message Daryl and his group of wanderers heard in the car and admitted that we'd soon be finding out who the voice belongs to:

We will absolutely, definitely learn a ton more about that... There are so many little things that are unresolved and are going to be picked up and addressed in these last eight episodes and that recording is definitely chief among them but there’s a lot of stuff we’re going to be dealing with.

Roll on Sunday.

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Over to you TWD fans. Let me know your thoughts and theories on who you think is responsible for the radio message below.

(Source: EW)


Is the radio voice friend or foe?


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