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Matt Carter

While it's not possible to steal the real Rick or Michonne and put them on your mantel piece (and trust me, I've thought about it), here is probably the next best thing.

Walking Dead has unveiled the fifth series of Minimates, based on the characters from Robert Kirkman's excellent comic book series.

The first collection will be available at Toys R Us in the spring and consists of four two-packs.

  • Traveler Rick Grimes and Business Zombie
  • Riot Gear Michonne and Hitchhiker Zombie
  • Abraham Ford and Military Zombie
  • Eugene Porter and Emaciated Zombie

The second collection will be available in comic shops and specialty stores:

  • Maggie Greene and Riot Gear Glenn
  • Tyreese and Prison Michonne
  • Survivor Morgan and Geek Zombie
  • Caesar Martinez and Geek Zombie (rare variant)

Each Minimate is 2 inches tall and apparently has "interchangeable parts and accessories, including weapons for the humans and rotting body parts for the zombies."


(Source ComicBook)

Which Minimate would you like to own? Sound off in the comments below!


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