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Jo Lamar

I recently had the chance to watch The Coen Brother's recent film 'Inside Llewyn Davis'. The film gives a defining and insightful journey on an artist's struggle to succeed, remain motivated, and most importantly to realize what is truly important to us when pursuing our passions in life, to further question the risks we make, the sacrifices we take, and if the last dollar in our pocket is worth pursuing the dream, especially when it seems like everything we want is so far away, and we feel like there is no other choice but to give it all up.

The film centers around a starving artist, played by Oscar Isacc, who is stuck in the reality of one's quest on defining what society wants him to be verses who he truly is as a growing artist. The reason I enjoyed this fine motion picture is because it was not a forced narrative. The Coen Brothers produced such a natural and relatable film for many. The story felt real, sympathetic and painted with hope, with truthful dialog. I do not think this film could have been anymore natural than it appeared to be, which is what makes it so believable on screen.

Oscar Isacc gives a sympathetic performance that evokes an emotion that many starving artists are facing with self-doubt, constant worry, regret, and being able to find hope to continue after constant disappointment, but it is Carey Mulligan that exuberates across the screen. Mulligan shows such demand in her dialog and expressive gestures, taking control of every scene she appears in. I kind of wonder why Mulligan hardly got a second-time Oscar nomination buzz, because she truly shined across the screen for me.

Overall, I think a lot of us can relate to this film because it can remind an individual that no matter where we our in our struggling path, whether we are a musician, entertainment professional or a starving artist in any profession, we must never give up on something that we want so passionately in our lives. Yes, It is going to be hard, obstacles will appear as bright as the morning sun, but its up to us to keep pushing like a wild fire. We may not be anywhere near our ultimate goal, but thank-God we are a step closer than we were yesterday, which is what I believe is the true message conveyed from Coen Brother's remarkable film.


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