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As we all know, cherished actor Philip Seymour Hoffman tragically passed away on Sunday, leaving some difficult creative decisions on the part of the crew behind The Hunger Games: Mockingjay.

The movie, which will be split into two, was reportedly almost complete with scenes involving Hoffman, who plays Capitol Game-maker-turned-rebel, Plutarch Heavensbee. With only seven days of filming left, the studio has now turned to CGI as a solution to the unfortunate problem they now face.

Though these final scenes were once believed to be written out of the movie or changed, the NY Post has now reported that the studio will digitally render Hoffman's appearance, albeit for a short piece of the film.

Of course, this is a convenient solution to a bitter problem, as many are still mourning the loss of one of Hollywood's most gifted actors. Though we approach this news with mixed feelings, many are hopeful that this will serve as an appropriate finale to Hoffman's glowing career as an entertainer.

That said, do you believe CGI will do the job? Or will this be a computer generated mishap in the like of Terminator Salvation and X-Men Origins: Wolverine? We'll have to wait and see.


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