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For starters! This movie isn't coming out until 2016. That's a long time away and some people have already stated "They're never seeing this movie!" and its "Already ruined!" Lets hold off on whether or not this movie is going to be good or bad until we actually see it. Just a suggestion.

Now as far as the multiple posts that go up almost daily about this film, it could be a little overwhelming. Some are good and resourceful and some are just inaccurate. Take everything with a grain of salt. Mine included!

The Casting Choices:

Ben Affleck: I was on board with this choice when it was announced! I'm a fan of his. Everybody wants to bring up Daredevil, Gigli and other movies they felt were awful when talking about his movies. But he's rebounded from earlier disappointments and is on top of his game right now. Argo and The Town were great films as well as Gone Baby Gone, which he directed. He's an Oscar winning writer and director and a huge Batman fan. His being a fan is important because he'll understand the approach he needs to take in developing his take on the Dark Knight. Plus he actually fits physically what you would think Bruce Wayne/Batman should look like. Forget about what people said about Ledger taking on the Joker, I'm old enough to remember articles in various magazines growing up about how God awful Michael Keaton was going to be playing Batman. It worked out okay, there.

Jesse Eisenberg: I really love this choice too! And no! I'm not just drinking the kool-aid and thinking all things MOS are just the greatest things ever! I like the choice because he's also a talented actor who's got an Oscar nod to his credit. Also, I like the fact he's young (30) and they're going in a different direction with Lex. In previous incarnations, Lex is old and really loves him some real-estate. Now we're getting a young Lex Luther and they'll dive into why he's obsessed and hates Superman?Why he's an evil guinness? And with this being a younger Lex, he'll be able to grow into the character and play him for a long time. Now I know everybody wants to see Bryan Cranston in the role. I say, he just gave you Walt White/Breaking Bad. He doesn't need to play a bald bad guy any more.

Gal Gaddot: I can't believe people are actually mad about this?! LOL! Sure! She's not a polished actor like the two I've just mentioned but they obviously saw something in her to cast her in this position. I know a lot of people talk about her not looking strong enough and whatever else is said. I think guys will have a different opinion when they see her dressed as Wonder Woman! She's not ugly. And lets remember something...... In this day and age, with technology and actors transforming their appearance, is it really that big of a stretch to see her as WW? If you think so? See Charlize Theron in the movie "Monster"

The film being moved to 2016 isn't a bad thing. Yes! I've read the reports. This film was pushed back from 2015, "It must be in shambles"! or "A complete mess"! I find that kind of silly, to be honest.All the rumors we hear are just that, rumors. With some of this stuff being completely unsubstantiated. Just because it was pushed back doesn't mean they don't know what they're doing.They have locations,sets and even a few scenes already shot. Yes, Chris Terrio was brought in to rewrite and shape up the Goyer screenplay. This is not a bad thing. Another Oscar-winning writer (Aside from Affleck) coming in to help craft this movie and make it the best possible sequel we can get. Its a win for us fans. This just means they're trying to get it right and I'm fine with that. Plus MOS 2 won't have to compete with The Avengers sequel. I don't know if that had to do with anything? But I think less competition in an already crowded 2015 will help this film sustain its drawing power.

In conclusion: I don't know how this movie will play out? But I have really high hopes with all the talent involved with the making of this film. We'll just have to wait and see. That's my two cents.


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