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I am genuinely happy with this movie. It had all of the comedy and the right amount of action in this movie that in my eyes will hopefully achieve it's sequel/future films. The cast played off of each naturally. Nothing seemed forced. Chemistry was legitimately there between all of the cast members. The guardian training scenes were nicely done and Danila and Zoey were superb together as Rose and Dimitri. I'm honestly okay with the fact Lissa knows that Rose likes Dimitri in this movie than not until book three of the series. It's a realisticness that was needed for the film. The 'Lissa Vision' as Rose calls it, was a great add in. I loved how Rose's eyes changed color, it was a subtle thing that was really fun to watch. I think Lucy and Dominic were adorable together! This movie as a whole is a five out of five stars for me. It had everything I wanted with a few movie tweaks that didn't bother me at all. The graphics were great and I think this will make a lot of fans happy once they finally go see it.

Go support this movie so we can get our Adrian Ivashkov and eventually, when it all goes well our oh so lovely Sydney Sage! Richelle Mead, congratulations for this lovely, lovely, thing to finally happen!

Cast Review:

Zoey Deutch is amazing as Rose Hathaway. She delivers all of Rose sass and badassery to a T. She kicks ass and takes names later. Zoey is a scene stealer and that's okay because that's Rose Hathaway.

Lucy Fry is as regal and complex as Lissa is in the books. Her Spirit craziness is executed perfectly showing Lissa's change as she compels basically all of the school. Lucy and Dominic are great together as Christian and Lissa. For Dominic Sherwood's first film he really showed the complexity of Christian Ozera in the little time they had to show him.

Cameron Monaghan as our lovely Mason doesn't have a lot of scenes like he doesn't in Vampire Academy but he is perfect in all of them. He's the right amount of badass and adorable all in one.

Sarah Hyland brings Natalie to life. She's adorably quirky and innocent as Natalia is in the books. Well, until she isn't but ya know, spoilers.

Sami Gayle added that bitchy and vulnerable side to Mia Rinaldi that we slowly get to see develop throughout Vampire Academy and throughout the rest of the novels. She's still the character that you love to hate.

Gabriel Byrne as Victor Dashkov was a treat to see and I'm really happy he's the actor that played Victor. He did an interesting job portraying him and I am excited to see him continue as Victor if the film does well enough for a sequel.

Claire Foy made me really happy as Sonya Karp, I loved her scenes and I really can't wait to see her throughout the future films as a Strigoi. I wish she was in the movie more but I get why she wasn't since those that have read the books know Sonya isn't really in the first book/she served her purpose in the film in the right amount of doses.

Joely Richardson had her brief but still oh so regal moments as Queen Tatiana. She was the perfect bitch that we don't like until later on in the books.

Olga Kurylenko was they ideal Ellen Kirova. She was classy but still the bitch that you really don't like at all. She was the 'head bitch' compared to Mia and I thoroughly enjoyed her scenes.


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