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Antonio Moore

It's been 6 years since the death of the late great Australian actor Heath Ledger. Due to his castings in much lighter films like in movies such as Brokeback Mountain, Monsters Ball, The Four Feathers, people were outraged when Warner Bros announced that he will portray The Joker in the thrilling sequel to 2005 Batman Begins. With that came a cascade of media outrage. Just like with the casting of Micheal Keaton as Bruce Wayne in the first ever live action Batman film, Warner bros was flooded angry fan letters and calls begging for an appeal. Come 2008, people were in shock. Just like Micheal Keaton's portrayal of Bruce Wayne and the Worlds Greatest Detective, Heaths MIND BLOWING award winning performance silenced the slandering comic fans. With that came the best portrayal of any comic book character ever through any platform of Media.

That being said, I think a main reason why there hasn't been a portrayal of him so long is because Heath set the bar too high. It is impossible to live up to the legacy and award winning performance Heath put forth. But these people I believe will get pretty damn close.

3) Will Ferrel:

Heaths performance was outstanding, but it didn't really reach into the real essence of the Joker. He was almost perfect, except for Christopher Nolan's batverse was more serious, and the only joker that would fit that one was Heath Ledger's Joker. Ferrel is outrageously funny and wild and crazy...just like the Joker, with just a little more seriousness, he can deliver what we haven't had since Nicholson's Joker: A funny one.

2) Denzel Washington

This may be my most controversial casting ever. An African American playing the Joker. His performance in Training Day as the Crazy, funny, corrupt, witty, Alonzo Harris has sold me on that role. The same tendencies that Alonzo has the Joker has. I'm not going go into depth about it but just watch Training Day and watch The Dark Knight. I believe he can also go on and portray Lex Luthor as well.

1) Robert Knepper

If people want another demonic, supernatural, psychotic portrayal of the Joker like Heath Ledgers...Look no further. His portrayal as Thedore Bagwell/T Bag has swayed me. If you watch certain episodes like in Season 1: Riots, Drills, and The Devil Part 2, you will see why. If you see Robert Knepper's work period, you know what he can do.


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