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Charlie Knight Jr.

Thank God that I saw this movie for free… I don’t know how much I really care to dwell on this film, so I’ll try to make my points quickly. As you can probably tell, I did not enjoy Delivery Man, not that I was really expecting to anyway.

This movie wasn’t without its redeeming qualities. The premise was fairly decent; I haven’t yet seen the film “Starbuck” on which it was based, but I probably will soon, maybe tomorrow. Vince Vaughn did a nearly acceptable job and Chris Pratt put on the best performance of the film, but that isn’t saying anything really.

Most of the acting was pretty atrocious. The dialogue was really hideous for the most part. The focus was not correct at all; the film put more care into the less interesting parts of the story.

The more I think about it, the more comments I could say about this movie, but the less I want to. I could go into more detail, but honestly I just want to start forgetting that I saw this. I don’t recommend it, but at the same time, I know that there are people who will like this movie. However, with those people I disagree.


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