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Hey, guys! This is an official list of actors who will play characters in my upcoming motion comic!


  • Speedball and Wiccan - (Kaleb Koho)
  • Iron-Man - (David Conley)
  • Nitro, Daredevil, and Tony Starks' Bodyguard - (Brian McLelland)
  • Jester, Wolverine, and Captain America - (William Lasley)
  • Johnny Storm, Night Thrasher and Microbe - (Dan Schwartz)
  • She-Hulk, Wasp, Emma Frost, Marvel Girl and Storm - (Derpetta V. Greene)
  • Priest, Jack O' Lantern, Bullseye, and Taskmaster - (Patrick Ferguson)
  • Venom, Punisher, Spider-Man, and Vision - (Matthew Silver)
  • Patriot, Thing, Uatu, J. Jonah Jameson, and Camera Man - (Joel Hunter)
  • Thor - (Elliot Smith)
  • Yellowjacket and Hulkling - (Alex Rodriguez)
  • Cloak - (Emmanuel Rojas)
  • Wong, Hercules, and Namor - (Audie Rhodes)
  • Cable - (Tyler Callaway)
  • Voice of Jarvis and Luke Cage - ( Eric Smith)
  • Doctor Strange - (Mike Wilson)
  • Speed Freak and Black Goliath (Justin Chumas)
  • Black Panther - (Adam Clark)
  • Falcon and President USA - (Marlon Harris)
  • Mr.Fantastic - (Jess Redden)
  • Grieving Mother, Black Cat, Sue Storm and Maria Hill - (RoAnna Mitchell)
  • Cyclops - (Zack Cogburn)
  • Coldheart, Namorita, Dagger, Ultra-Girl and Ms. Marvel - (Jen Egermeier)

    This project is for the fans of Moviepilot. I know Moviepilot has a LARGE superhero fan base and i've always wanted to see a Marvel Civil War movie...why not make a motion comic? This is my first motion comic, hopefully not my last. I plan to make more for the website also create a Youtube channel strictly for motion comics. If Marvel Civil War gets 1k views including positive feedback I will go ahead to my next motion comic project -

    I will keep Moviepilot updated on the project, and around March I will release a teaser for Marvel Civil War.

    The project will focus on all 5 parts below -

    Thank you all for the support!


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