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After watching The Lego Movie I have to say....It was awesome! Pun intended there. Very impressed with the story, and the CGI/special effects. The Lego characters really moved like...well actual Legos. The humor was great, perfect timing and some humor for the adults also. Hidden characters that mainly the parents of the kids seeing this movie would get. The movie is very entertaining, the voices are great, Morgan Freeman, Will Ferrell, Chris Pratt, Liam Nesson, etc. The story has a unique message to it, you will have to see it to understand. I'm not spoiling anything. Very original idea for a film, not to many of those out there. With all the remakes, vampire/werewolves, sequels and Superhero films out there now it gets old. This film stands out from the rest.

The voices are the best I think in the film, besides the story. Chris Pratt had the right amount delivery for the jokes. No awkwardness, just smooth and funny throughout. Elizabeth Banks was very entertaining in the movie, I couldn't tell it was her. If I didn't know any better I would have said it was Kristen Bell. She was a character that you wanted to see more of because well she was awesome! Morgan Freeman was, well as always great! Very subtle and quick with the humor. Will Arnett as Batman was well, great! The jokes and lines with him were the funniest I think.Liam Nesson is hilarious as Bad Cop/Good Cop. He was a very enjoyable character. Overall the main cast were great picks to voice the characters. The other actors, doing the remaining character voices, were very good. The list is too long to go through, so I'm doing the main characters. Certain cameos come up, for the parents. Sure the kids might understand some, but not all of it. The voices and sounds of the other people, animals and etc. were great, and quick to hear. For example, in the movie you can hear cats meowing...its just some guy doing a "meow" like sound.

The CGI/Special Effects were very impressive. The water looked very good, one scene Emmet is taking a shower and the "water" are little clear lego pieces. The remaining surroundings were amazing to see, the film was very well done. When the Green Ninja appears, a cloud of smoke blows away in the distance, its just four gray "cloud" like pieces, but the timing was so precise it looked great! Throughout the film I was looking for how they added even more Legos in The Lego Movie. At one point the "master builders" can see everything that they can build in the Lego world, the pieces float up in a blue/clear image with the part number of the actual Lego piece. The movie like I said was very enjoyable, for a Friday night or any night it is a fun movie to watch. Now with a sequel in the works, I'm curious how they take this and build on the story...pun intended there also. If you haven't seen the movie yet, I recommend it! if you have seen it, what did you think of it? Did I miss anything that you would like to add? Please comments are welcome! Insults are not invited.


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