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Jonathan J Moya

Great posters try to capture the essence and the story of the average 130,000 frame feature. Regular release posters are ham-strung by their unwillingness to show too much. The better ones get the top details right while just barely hinting the under layers.

A good art poster for a classic film doesn’t have such restrictions. It can reflect both surface and depth to an audience familiar and appreciative of it.

Laurent Durieux is a master of capturing the whole breath and depth of a picture. Mondo Gallery in Austin, Texas will having a showing of his works that runs from February 7th-March 1st. Originals are selling for over $800.00 and prints for about $200.00. Follow @mondonews for more info and poster availability.

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“The bloody beak of the crow is a direct reference to the scene where the neighbour is found in his bedroom by Jessica Tandy with his eyes missing. I originally wanted to place an eyeball in the crow’s beak, but I thought it was a bit too gory for a Hitchcock movie… so I toned it down a notch. I really love the variant on this one,” said Durieux in an interview with Mondo.

“Man, I love this movie! So retro-futuristic, so naive, so kitsch! That’s really my dope! Robby the Robot is iconic which is why I had to put it as THE star of the movie poster. The original poster is just sublime, the colours are just so vibrant, and so I tried to emulate that impression on my own take of this science fiction classic. This poster is the piece that took me the longest to finish, almost 2 months! I think it was worth the effort and the number of layers!” said Durieux in an interview.


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