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"A day without laughter is a day wasted." -Charlie Chaplin .
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Meet Contributor - Derpetta V. Greene

It's time for an interview!

The woman that always speaks her mind! Ladies and gentlemen I give you Derpetta V. Greene!


Me: Welcome to the show Valerie, please have a seat. So I'm going to ask you some questions..chances are they will be stupid but WHO CARES! Lets get started!

Valerie: Ok.

Me: Tell us who you are and what brought you to contributing at moviepilot?

Valerie: Well, I am Valerie Greene and I hail from New York City, New York. It is easy to be apart of the movie scene when you live in a city so big.

Me: Hmmmm, I like!

Valerie: Right! Facebook brought me to moviepilot! It showed up in my news feed as 'pages you might like'. I made a comment on one of the Ben Affleck casting articles on the official web page and I believe Lucia left me a message suggesting I become a contributor and the rest is history!

Me: Ahhh, I see! They did the whole bait trick (stares at moviepilot staff) I'm on to you guys..

Me: What are your favorite movies ? Do you have an all time favorite?

Valerie: My top 5 favorites - Dancer in The Dark, The Fifth Element, Alien, Princess Mononoke, and Disney's Mulan.

Me: If you were in the movie Alien what would you do?

Valerie: Stick to Ellen Ripley like white on rice! I'm not going out like Ma'am!

Me: Did you just call me a woman?

Valerie: No...'no ma'am' is just an's like saying 'oh, hell no.' Which probably would be a better choice of words. (laughs)

Me: Interesting because I just farted. Next question, madam!!! If you could interview anybody in the world for Moviepilot, who would it be?

Valerie: As of now, It would have to be SARAH PAULSON! I wouldn't call it an interview, it would be more so giving her reasons to take interest in and audition for the role of Ms. Marvel. She is perfect for the part in my eyes.

Me: Who would play you in a movie of your life? A hero or a villain?

Valerie: Damn you stumped me...lemme think! OK! I am the Harvey Dent of MY LIFE, so I would be both. I have been on both sides of the spectrum. It would be realistic for me to pick one. My life has never been just black and white.

Me: If you could rate this interview from 1 to Awesome! What would it be (crosses fingers)

Valerie: Mp made up these questions didn't they?


Me: No, I did, because no one is doing them...

Valerie: (she laughs uncontrollably) The questions were really engaging!

Really now?

Me: Bonus question! If you could had a catch phrase what would it be?!

Valerie: By any means necessary :)

Me: Well there you have it folks! I want to thank Valerie for being such a good sport on this fake show inside my head. Ladies and gentlemen, let's give another round of applause for Derpetta V. Greene!!!

If you want to get interviewed by me don't you dare hesitate to leave a comment!


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