ByJared Lucas Nathanson, writer at
Jared Lucas Nathanson

Just watched "Justice League: War"... I was looking forward to this and have been enjoying the DC animated films for quite a while.

The Good?

Wonder Woman and Batman are still themselves. Cyborg is now kind of a morph-able Iron Man. Darkseid is still Darkseid, but given nothing interesting to do.

It is kind of entertaining except the huge plot holes like some how thousands of people hooked up in pods matrix style are saved, disconnected and transported home by computer magic in about 3 seconds.. Otherwise?

The Bad?

In another attempt to "Marvelize" or maybe I should say "Avengerize" DC comics, they try to make it both serious and funny. Green Lantern is as childish jerk, they all trade one-liners at each other, and its pretty unsophisticated.

It's trying to be funny, but its trying so hard to create depth and humor into characters that it comes off as very cold and two dimensional.

Superman is an asshole, he has a temper, he kills without reason. I mean if Superman was such a loose cannon with temper issues Batman would kill him just to be on the safe side.

I sure hope this has no reflection on where DC is going on the live action side, but it is such a drop from the Amazing Justice League series; it has no heart, no humor, and makes you feel like Michael Bay made a Winnie The Pooh live action movie (Christopher Robin is a marine).

DC's crowning achievement has been decades of amazing animation that truly gets its characters.

Where this is pointed (and where the comics are going) I would not be surprised if people forget who Superman is in 20 years.. DC seems to.


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