ByBrad Barnes, writer at
Brad Barnes

Will Smith should play BATMAN in the JUSTICE LEAGUE movie!


When BATMAN was created in 1939, there were no playboy black millionaires in America, let alone billionaires, but times have changed!

Robert Johnson and Russell Simmons, Jay-Z: there are plenty of high profile wealthy black people in America!

How hard is it to imagine a rich black guy who beats up on white criminals in Gotham City?


Will Smith is smooth as silk, so he can play Bruce Wayne!

Will Smith looks good in leather, so he can play BATMAN!

Will Smith is a ladies man, girl, you know it's true!

And Will Smith is a franchise player, with BAD BOYS and MEN IN BLACK on his resume, an Academy Award nominee for ALI, as well as being the FRESH PRINCE, baby! He can do BATMAN Big Willie Style!

For BATMAN to get jiggy with it in the JUSTICE LEAGUE movie, it's got to be Will Smith in the Batsuit! That's the truth, Ruth!


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