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When Caeser (Stanley Tucci) interviews Katniss (Jennifer Lawrence) & Peeta (Josh Hutcherson) after they have won The Hunger Games, the two winners are sitting in cream white retro chairs. These armchairs are called “Valentine Chairs" fits perfectly to the hand holding couple and the atmosphere of their new, young love.

But the tragic side is, that the chair model is named after the Christian saint Valentinus, a martyr who was imprisoned for performing marriages for soldiers who were not allowed to marry. This is a nice and fatal symbol for the fake marriage of the two soldiers, Katniss and Peeta, who are not meant to love each other because Katniss love belongs to Gale Hawthorne (Liam Hemsworth).

Another interesting fact is, that the chair is designed by Los Angeles based designers Roz Hayes and Dani Stoller for furniture brand Lush Life.

White Valentine Chair, Copyrights by Lush Life
White Valentine Chair, Copyrights by Lush Life

The brand name ‘Lush Life' also describes perfectly the opulent and decadent lifestyle in The Capital and fits wonderfully into the winner‘s ceremony where President Snow (Donald Sutherland) crowns Katniss.

But as I don’t know for sure if movie director Gary Ross or production designer Philip Messina has chosen these chairs on purpose but It’s a nice film fact and interesting assumption.

Picture Source: Retro Furnish

Picture Source: The Hunger Games Wikia

Picture Copyrights by Lionsgate


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