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** This Post Contains potential Spoilers for Upcoming Marvel Movies and Information about Marvel Comic Story-lines. You have been warned. **

Still here? Ok then...

As we have all seen and heard over the last little while, Marvel has some big plans for their Cinematic Universe. Plans that include the Avengers, The Guardians of the Galaxy and intergalactic bad ass Thanos, the Mad Titan. These plans would seem to be culminating in the epic Marvel storyline the Infinity Gauntlet - where Thanos manages to secure all 6 Infinity Gems (2 of which we have now seen in Captain America/Avengers and Thor 2: The Dark World) and becomes a God-like being, forcing every hero, villain and cosmic entity in the known galaxy to battle him in an effort to preserve life. All well and good and for someone who grew up reading Marvel comics in the 80s and 90s I am all for it. I just have one question for the people at Marvel regarding all of this. Where is Adam Warlock?

For those of you unfamiliar with Adam Warlock, there is far too much to say about him in just a short article, but let me see if I can sum it up. Genetically created to be the Perfect Human by The Enclave (a group of scientists bent on world domination - similar to A.I.M seen in Iron Man 3), their creation (creatively named "Him") turned on his creators when he discovered they were evil and fled the Earth. "Him" then encountered Thor and Lady Sif, the latter of whom he attempted to forcibly procure as a mate. Thor, rightly enraged by this, beat "Him" nearly to the point of death. "Him" created a cocoon which he used to regenerate himself. It was after his re-birth he was discovered by the High Evolutionary and given the name "Adam Warlock" along with the Soul Gem, which is as you have likely already guessed, one of the 6 Infinity Gems.

A whole lot of stuff goes on with Adam Warlock over the years which involve a whole lot of other people, including Thanos and Gamora (part of the current Guardians of the Galaxy line up) until Adam eventually is killed and his soul/consciousness retreats in to the Soul Gem where he lives a peaceful afterlife until Thanos begins his quest for power. Thanos had managed to trap both Drax the Destroyer (also a member of the GotG) and the Silver Surfer within the soul gem and thus Adam Warlock found out about the Mad Titan's plans to snuff out half the life in the galaxy as a gift for the love of his life, Death herself.

Now, without going in to too much more detail about the events of the Infinity Gauntlet let us just say that Adam Warlock is instrumental in the eventual defeat of Thanos of Titan. To the point that I would say they could not have done so without him.

Here is where the timeline gets a little fuzzy for me when comparing Marvel comics with their current cinematic universe. From what we have seen so far it looks like Marvel is going back to the origin of the Guardians of the Galaxy in the new film - having them meet up in prison as a Suicide Squad (sorry DC) of sorts created to help take down the big bad Phalanx who had invaded the Kree empire. The Phalanx are a techno-virus, an offshoot of a race of sentient machines (one of whom was once an X-Man named Warlock.. no relation although Adam refers to him as his Namesake) lead by the android known as Ultron. In the end, it is Adam Warlock, once again re-birthed from his cocoon state, who is again instrumental in the fall of the Phalanx; aiding Quasar, Ronan the Accuser, and the team what would become the Guardians of the Galaxy (a team he later joins for short time) to bring down Ultron and with him the rest of his techno-organic army.

Now we already know that Marvel plans to introduce Ultron in the next Avengers movie so all of this is still possible, though it seems that the GotG are in a Nova Corps prison instead of a Kree one this time (though in the comics the Nova Corps have been decimated and were down to a single Nova at this point in the timeline). Though the events of the Infinity Gauntlet happen well before the events of the Annihilation: Conquest series - which is the birthplace of the Guardians - it would seem that for the Cinematic Universe, Marvel is changing things up by forming the Guardians before Thanos gets the Infinity Gauntlet instead of some years later. That's fine, it's their world, they can remake it as they see fit - some of the old stories are pretty dated anyway and could use some spit and polish. That said however, I have to ask the question… Where is Adam Warlock?

Everything that Marvel is aiming to do in the next few years involves stories which, in the comics, involve - dare I say - REQUIRE the presence of Adam Warlock (and to some extent Doctor Strange though it would seem they are taking care of that part at least) and yet there is no mention of "Him" in their plans. Are they keeping it a super-secret surprise or did someone just decide to write him out of the story? To me that is like re-writing Star Wars but leaving out Luke Skywalker or a Five Year Mission on the Enterprise without James T. Kirk. So I ask again Marvel. Where is Adam Warlock?


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