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Tolga Toby Mazhar

First I want to start with saying this to the haters:

- The lack of characters does not matter, what matters is how they are introduced and developed in the film. See how The Dark Knight Rises handled it? It had Batman, Robin (sort of), Talia Al Ghul, Catwoman and Bane. But TDKR is not our topic today. Let's get back to The Amazing Spider-Man. I'm going to continue with bullet points:

  • Some people think that the special effects look like cartoons. How can they judge the effects before seeing the entire movie!?
Spider-Man fights Electro
Spider-Man fights Electro

Just look at how glorious this image is. The only curious thing is how they are going to handle Rhino. Some fans don't like the Ultimate/616 version mixture. But they just have to wait and see it on action.

  • The lack of humor; As you know, Spider-Man is well known for his lack of humor. The Times Square scene in Enemies Unite Sizzle trailer is a good example of it. Also his chemistry with Aunt May is priceless.
" Whaat, laundry sheriff !? "
" Whaat, laundry sheriff !? "
  • Closer approach to comic-books; We all know that Gwen Stacy is going to die in The Amazing Spider-Man 2. Some people were disappointed about the Clock Tower scene in Super Bowl Ads. But they don't get the point. Peter is going to kill her and that scene was her first fall, there will be a second don't worry.
  • The score; With the talents of Hans Zimmer and Pharrell Williams, this score will be one of the best Superhero scores.You know, Hans Zimmer made some awesome job with Pirates of the Carribean, The Dark Knight Trilogy, Man of Steel etc. You know what he's capable of...
Hans Zimmer and his supergroup
Hans Zimmer and his supergroup
  • Billion dollars mark; Do you know how Iron Man 3 succeeded to earn more than one billion dollars? MARKETING CAMPAIGNS. That's what The Amazing Spider-Man 2 is good in.


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