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Brad Barnes

The above image is from GRIGRIS (2013), an African film which is like KLUTE meets SATURDAY NIGHT FEVER, but we're not here to talk about that.

It's the image itself! The heat. A woman of color enveloping a black man of short stature. Like the glory days of Pam Grier! I know I'm dating myself, here, but so what? I love those days, and not in an "Austin Powers/Beyonce" kind of way. I mean the Real Thing, back when popcorn had real butter on it and Rona Barrett was a respectable movie reviewer. Back when movies were an event and television was a joke. Back when black was sexy as hell!

Back when the only cure for a fever was two rolls in the hay!

That's the kind of heat that the JUSTICE LEAGUE movie needs!

Because without heat the JUSTICE LEAGUE movie will never catch fire with the public. Actual Old School steam heat, the kind before marijuana became legal and you could still smoke a cigar in restaurants.

Fever! That's right, Peggy Lee, I said it. Something that the superhero movie has yet to deliver! It's time.

The right casting is crucial. That is why mere "stunt casting" won't work. That is why being safe is the worst mistake Warners can make. Keep Cavill and Crowe and Diane Lane: those were great choices! Everybody else has got to earn their spots in the JUSTICE LEAGUE movie, there are no free rides on this train!

Because Marvel movies have got the spectacle and the "wham bam" formula down, Marvel has turned superheroes into a "movie coaster", and DC has got to bring the heat in order to compete!

The above image needs to be in the JUSTICE LEAGUE movie. The Atom and Wonder Woman. But who can play the happy couple up against that cold, stone wall, hmmn?

"Machine gun" comedian Kevin Hart has the tools and the talent to be a major star, the way that Dudley Moore was a star in the 1970s. As Ray Palmer THE ATOM, Hart's energy and his intelligence can be put to proper use!

In 12 YEARS A SLAVE, Lupita Nyong'O showed that all she needs is a big enough canvas to capture the public's imagination. As WONDER WOMAN in the JUSTICE LEAGUE movie, she would have that canvas, and we will have a superstar performance!

Fade In

"Will I ever be small enough for you?"

"You'll always be small enough for me, Atom."

"Wonder Woman?"

"Yes, Ray?"

"Let's get small. Right here. Right now."

"Only if you call me 'Diana'."

Fade Out

Kevin Hart and Lupita Nyong'O in the JUSTiCE LEAGUE movie. Back in black!


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