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Alright, so DC is way behind Marvel in the Cinematic department. Let's see, DC Dark Knight Trilogy was not a part of something bigger, Green Lantern flopped, Man of Steel is going to be a part of a bigger universe even though they established that after a majority of footage was filmed and [Batman vs. Superman](movie:711870) was pushed back. How can DC catch up on the silver screen? I have some ideas on how DC can get some shine.

Don't Worry About Marvel, take your time!

I think this is why DC is messing up, they're looking over at Marvel too much. They want to rush all their projects to catch up. Though I do understand only because any Marvel movie that comes out is almost guaranteed a billion in the box office. Man of Steel was criticized to the core, which every movie has its flaw, but too critics... I guess every DC movie is the worst thing to be created.

Anyway, take your time on these movies, make a plan. If Marvel is doing better than you right now that should be more of a reason to reevaluate your plans for these movies and make solid story. The events of Man of Steel can be easy to go off from. I'm disappointed that DC announced Batman vs Superman (World's Finest) without a script ready or another movie to help give it a foundation. I was one of the people when they said [Justice League](movie:401267) was a go in 2015, I said "World's Finest should be first."

Be Creative and Stay True

This might be the toughest thing to do for DC because anything they do will be shunned upon for the fact that Marvel movies are where it's at. DC needs to throw a curve ball for this one and use elements that will be effective. If Marvel is going more intergalactic, do something different like.... introduce characters that would be unexpected and go intergalactic first while tweaking the story a little bit. That probably why a Man of Steel prequel movie is not a bad idea. Kara Zor-El is introduced, then tie in a little bit of Mongul and other races, you'll be golden. Give villains that don't get expanded on screen time or GIVE THEM THEIR OWN MOVIE! A movie about a villain is hard because they will be perceived as a hero. Use a villain that could be pull the strings the entire time.

If no one wants a [Batman Reboot](movie:485285) (even though in my opinion people should get over it, Batman vs Superman won't feel like it because it's just a [Man of Steel](movie:15593) Sequel) Batman should being investigating events that happen in the past. He should be in those movie in near future research of things that happened in the past. I want a Batman that has no trust in people and eventually build that trust.

Most importantly, if you want to be a successful... Look at all the shows and movies in your animated department. Think of all the successful animated works you have been doing and get some writers from there. Not only that, but the animated movies can be the prototype. Somewhere you can test how things would go in the live action movie. Just an idea.

Scripts and Casting

Everything is basically crucial for making a series, from the script to actors. I for one have to say not everyone is to get the story they wanted on the silver screen, that's exactly why you make up for it with a great story. The Script has to compliment the characters you are displaying on screen. Also the actors have to be some what accurate in their portrayal. Actors have to give it their all in interpreting how these actors and the script is supposed to go hand and hand with this. The misunderstanding people have is that a movie is bad because of an actor/actress which isn't always the case. The writers or directors can mess up a whole movie and make the actor/actress look bad.

Ok, so this article was as detailed as I wanted it to be, but nonetheless, these are just thoughts. Leave a comment below and remember it's the Thoughts that counts!


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