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If you haven’t heard, the rumor mill has shown that Ms. Marvel is a possibility for Phase 3 of the MCU. In fact, this site has featured a few fan-casting pieces that feature some A-list actresses and my own mind went to many of them as well. What I’d like to do here is provide a list of actresses that may have been overlooked in the process, a B-list if you will. But first, let’s review a little about Ms. Marvel’s original bio:

Carol Danvers. To put it simply, she received her powers from a run in with Captain Marvel (might we be getting him too?!?). Standing 5’ 11”, 124 lbs., Ms. Marvel's current powers include flight, enhanced strength, durability and the ability to shoot concussive energy bursts from her hands. Depending on what Marvel is planning on doing (which I have learned to say after my Ant-man casting), here’s a list of potential actresses that could be Carol Danvers (assuming this is even the version of Ms. Marvel that will be in the MCU).

Kristen Bell Age: 33 Height: 5’ 1” Bell has the right acting chops, though I'm sure this would stretch her in a good way, and one of the few on the list who is recognizable by name alone. She has the look and is the right age to play Carol for a while. The cons would be her height and I'm not sure if she could handle the physicality of the character, but I'm willing to give her a chance.

Claire Danes Age: 34 Height: 5’ 5½” Perhaps best known for her role in Homeland Danes is in a similar boat with Bell, being that she relatively young and has a good resume. I know this actress least of all my picks, but her cons are much like Bell's, being shorter and I'm not sure how she'd do with this (assumed) physically challenging role.

Malin Åkerman Age: 35 Height: 5’ 8” A Swedish born, Toronto raised actress, best known in the sci-fi world for her role in The Watchmen in 2009, I'd love to see Åkerman get back into the world of superheroes with a title that would give her years of solidarity within the comic realm. I know this actress could handle herself with the rest of the Avengers cast and she's closer to Carol Danvers "actual" height.

Jennifer Lawrence Age: 23 Height: 5’ 9” This pick, while not surprising, is perhaps the most clique on my list. Lawrence could do it, the acting and the physical parts of the role, but there are two things in the way. First, she's already said that she's taking some time off from acting for a while after Mockingjay is finished. Secondly, she's probably too young; if keeping to the original storyline, Nick Fury and Carol Danvers had a history together within the CIA in Nick's younger years. So, I don't see this one happening.

Adrianne Palicki Age: 30 Height: 5' 11" Said to be playing Wonder Woman in a 2011 Pilot that was not picked up, it would be safe to say she could pull off Ms. Marvel on the big screen. At the right height and a good age to get many movies with the character, Palicki would be a safe bet. I don't see any cons with this one.

Well, what do you all think? I know these aren't the first people you think of to play the part (I know Katee Sackhoff being left off my list puts some of you into an uproar), but definitely a few worth your consideration. Voice yourself in the comments below and be sure to vote.


Which of these would you rather see cast as Ms. Marvel?


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