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Ben McKenzie has been chosen as the person to take the mantle of a young Jim Gordon in the much anticipated Fox series "Gotham".

The series, to be set before the time of Batman, is set to star the former "O.C" star and current "Southland" actor as the young detective, who, (spoiler alert) eventually becomes the Commissioner and Batman's favorite detective. The series will also feature a young Bruce Wayne and a younger Alfred Pennyworth.

Rumors were swirling about various others that were in the lead for the part, including Donal Logue, of "Sons of Anarchy" fame. However, none of the rumored actors really fit the part. The one confirmed villian is going to be Edward Cobblepot A.K.A "The Penguin".MCKenzie is a very good choice to play the young detective.

For the series, McKenzie will be portraying Gordon as a former college star and war hero, idealistic and brave, bordering on naivety.

As far as the casting choice, I think it's a brilliant move. McKenzie starred in Fox's once ratings darling "The O.C." and the two have worked together since then. McKenzie has showed his range as an actor, and we can catch glimpses of what his Jim Gordon will look like from his turn on "Southland". It could have gone far worse (*cough* Donal Logue). Now the question is: Who plays a young Bruce Wayne? Alfred? Penguin?


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