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Robert Myrick

One of the Best things about getting Older is knowing about and remembering things that the next generation has not seen, and maybe not even heard of. That being said, I hear complaints about Gal Gadot's shape and form not being that of Wonder Woman. well Gal is Athletic, but not Super Buff.... Wonder Woman in the comics was also Not all Buffed out. Well defined Yes Super Buff No. Only in recent years has her image bulked a bit, call it Artistic License if you will. now here is where the memory part comes in back in the Late 70's, there was actually a Wonder Woman TV Show. Gal Named Linda Carter Played the Title character. like gal she was fit, tall, and not super buff.. so she already fits the body type... next she is not a super known, so we need to give her a chance, you never know she may impress us.. she did ok in Fast and the Furious movies I wouldnt say she gave a steller preformance, but she was playing a diva so we need to find out if she can actually act. looks arent everything... see someone like her because they are not super big actors, are more likely to give a movie like this her all... so I believe that she can actually be Our Wonder Woman..... this is the first casting choice Snyder has made that I have agreed with.... what do you think sound off in the comments below.....

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