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This is my first attempt at anything remotely close to writing my opnion on the internet. Hopefully, I don't sound ridiculous. I have a blog
Joe Thomas

Multiple sources are stating that Will Smith has declined to star in both Independence Day and Men in Black 4. I, for one, am happy he declined to do so.

I understand the draw of sequels. We want to see how our beloved characters have changed over the years, how the events of the movie changed their outlooks on life, introduction of new and exciting storylines that we dream about as little kids. However, the harsh truth is that sequels are rarely as good as the original. I didn't like Men in Black 2, and hated Men in Black 3. Die Hard 2 was awful, although 3 was better. The last two have been god awful. Indiana Jones had good sequels run, but Star Wars Episodes 1, 2, and 3 I didn't really enjoy (thanks Jar Jar Binks, you ruined my childhood).

The fact is, sometimes it's better to stop at one. Independence Day was fantastic. Bill Pullman, Jeff Goldblum, and Smith were a great combo of stars for that film, and the storyline was majestic. There's no reason to look at what happened almost 20 years later. I've always felt that sequels tarnish the original. It's like doing Top Gun 2. I don't see a point to doing so. It has absolutely no merit and there in absolutely no need for it.

Men in Black 4 is a pure money play. The previous two have been awful, and the storylines have been more and more ridiculous. A fourth one would tarnish the legacy forever. The first one was fantastic, and explored a world that we all kind of really hope exists. OR maybe that's just me.

So my plea for movie studios is simple...for the love of God stop making unnecessary sequels. And Will Smith, I get what you're saying. Don't tarnish a stellar career with smut. Now, please don't do another After Earth. It was creepy.


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