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I strongly believe that CN has become complete, and utter trash now. With shows like Gumball (so random to the urge of turning the channel), Regular Show (the mature references are through the roof on this one) and Adventure Time (you have no choice but to laugh at how stupid it is), I have a feeling that Cartoon Network is doomed. I believe that Cartoon Network will be stuck in that humorless pit of stupidity forever unless they start to change things now. That sense of nostalgia whenever I watched old episodes of What-a-Cartoon, which eventually branched out as Dexter's Lab, Johnny Bravo, Powerpuff Girls, I am Weasel and Courage the Cowardly dog, is gone. Gone, because of what Cartoon Network executives THINK the people want. Ruined because of what Cartoon Network executive THINK is funny. That sense of nostalgia is the same feeling many others lost when they stopped airing the original Hanna Barbara "cartoon cartoons".

Heck, even Boomerang is going bad. Boomerang is nothing but CN's recycle bin now. I thought it was only supposed to contain original "Cartoon Cartoons", with nightly airs of the Justice League or other superhero/adventure/sci-fi cartoons such as Johnny Quest. Only five shows from Hanna Barbara (The Flintstones, The Smurfs, Johnny Bravo, Scooby-Doo and The Powerpuff Girls) have permanent spots on the schedule, with not-so-common airings of Tom and Jerry, The Yogi Bear Show, The Jetsons and The Snorks, along with other shows, but occasionally get removed.


1997, Toonami airs for the first time. Even though I was not born yet (Born in 2000), whenever I became able to understand what was going on in the cartoons, I felt the excitement of when it first started. This was one of the only times where we got to see anime-esque cartoons such as Dragon Ball Z, Samurai Jack, Voltron, and ThunderCats. Toonami became very popular and eventually the people's choice. It was new, exciting, innovative, and something the masses soon come to love. Thank you Cartoon Network for bringing back some of the shows in your new version of Toonami, but there is still work to be done.

Cartoon Cartoon Fridays

Dear Cartoon Network,
If you cannot remove those good awful shows Adventure Time, Regular Show, and the other horrible shows that have brainwashed the children of the world into stupidity, the least you can do is bring back Cartoon Cartoon Fridays. This would be the best thing ever if you want ratings to go back up and once again take the crown of being the go-to source for cartoons you once had, back. I promise, you would get lots of old fans you have lost. Even some of the new fans you have would probably enjoy the original cartoons.
Sincerely, Champ.
*Real letter I sent to CN
*2Chainz Voice* "Truuu..."
*2Chainz Voice* "Truuu..."

Let's be real. The children who watch Cartoon Network now probably don't like the new shows Cartoon Network has anyways. The best thing for children today are shows that are actually funny. Shows that will actually make parents sit down and watch with them. If Cartoon Network would stop trying to be so "hip" and "in" with our generation, and maybe if they just be themselves, there wouldn't be any problem with low ratings and having to compensate for that.

End of Rant (hopefully)

In conclusion, if Cartoon Network would stop being so concerned about being "hip" maybe they could concentrate on getting their ratings back. And believe me, there is a lot they have to do before that happens.

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