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I love coming up with different kinds of clashes and so does Hollywood...sometimes. Hollywood has given us a few clash movies with titles such as Freddy VS Jason, Alien VS Predator (which sucked except for the fight scenes), and the upcoming Batman VS Superman but as I was playing my favorite game franchise of all time: The Legend of Zelda I began to think that the main character named Link was actually closer to Batman than we thought.

1. Batman is a trained martial artist, Link is a master swordsman.
2. Batman has the his array of gadgets and Link has gadgets that are very similar.
Batman: Grapnel gun, batarang, smoke pellets, etc.
Link: Hookshot, Magic Boomerang, Deku Nuts, etc.
3. Both have good hearts and a need to fight for good.
4. Both are intelligent. Link may not be as intelligent as Batman but he is smart enough to solve ancient puzzles.

So I came up with an idea for a movie (which will never happen...hey I can dream can't I?) about these two duking it out.

Plot: The evil prince of the desert: Ganondorf has been slain by the Hero of Time: Link and was sent to the Sacred Realm for all eternity...or was he? As Ganondorf drifted towards the Sacred Realm, he used any amount of magic he could conjure to escape. During all this, Link has returned the Master Sword to the Pedestal of Time within the Temple of Time. This causes Link to travel back in time seven years to his original time and younger form of ten years old. The ancient Door of Time seals itself until the Hero of Time is the right age. In the future, Ganondorf has appeared in the mountains, weak; so he tries to mend himself but soon learns that he is decaying due to the Sages of Time's magic. With his death soon to come again, Ganondorf inscribes a spell upon the wall of the cave, once finished the words form a portal to the nearest source of healing, however something goes wrong; the portal collides with another source of magic making the portal open wider with its edges becoming green and purple before a lightning bolt shocks him, sending him through. Upon going through the portal, Ganondorf falls into a green pool of strange liquid. A league of ninjas lead by a cloaked man watch as Ganondorf rises from the pool with an evil grin upon his face. The leader reveals himself to be the great Ra's Al Ghul, leader of the League of Assassins; at first they fight but they soon realize that they could work together, however they both explain about the two people in their lives always hindering them: Link and the vigilante known as Batman. The two agree to work together.

After seven years, Link regains his weapon, the evil's bane: the Master Sword and upon regaining the role of Hero of Time, Link is told of strange magic being sensed from the desert and upon arrival he finds that the Gerudo Thieves have all been slain which makes Link very angry, the only survivor is Nabooru: their leader. Nabooru tells Link of a group of female warriors who said they work for the Man of the Bat, slaying the Gerudo then retreating to the mountains. Link treks up the mountain until finding a cave.

Meanwhile in Gotham City, the vigilante Batman is attacked by a few of Ra's' elite guard but one allows herself to be tracked back to the underground city known as Wonder City where he faces his old enemy: Ra's. Ra's tells Batman of a newly trained warrior of the League of Shadows, a young man in green, who was the one who committed the twenty murders in Gotham City (really it was Ganondorf) thus framing Link. Hiding behind a curtain, Ganondorf uses his magic to open the portal once more and Ra's says, "He's waiting for you..." Lightning shocks Batman then sends him through to the world of Hyrule.

Batman and Link see each other's appearances which made them immediately get into fighting stances, the two charge at each other after Link says nothing to Batman's questions. The two fight until they realize that they have been deceived. Link uses his Triforce of Courage to open the portal which sends them through to Gotham City which has been turned into a red tinted cesspool filled with undead creatures and monsters.

The two heroes retreat to the Batcave where the two try to prepare but end up arguing. After a speech given to them by the Sage of Light: Princess Zelda, the two come up with a plan to work together. With their skills and gadgets, the two fight to the strange deformed castle where Wayne Tower used to stand, thus meeting with Ganondorf and Ra's Al Ghul, the first attempt to fight does not go well for both villains have the same powers, plus with Ra's Al Ghul's skills they easily disposes of the heroes. Link and Batman then stand, Batman holding one the Wayne Family sword which were upon the wall of the mansion; Link focuses his magic into his own blade before gently tapping the Wayne Blade filling it with magic. The two charge into battle and each end up killing the other's villain, seeing how Ra's did not know Link's tactics, nor Ganondorf with Batman.

Ra's is sent to a prison in Doctor Fate's dimension and Ganondorf is wiped of all magic before being sent to the Sacred Realm in Hyrule. Within the cave in the Hyrule Mountains, Batman and Link shake hands with Link the only one giving a smile, Batman leaves back to Gotham, Link looks at the Triforce symbol upon on the wall then puts his hand on it reopening the portal which makes him smile. After he closes the portal, the movie ends with a shot of the two heroes looking over their two worlds (Gotham being fixed after Ganondorf was destroyed.)

And that's my story, it will never happen in live action but maybe in the future as an animated movie which is why I'm not going to fancast for live action but for voice actors.

Batman - Sam Witwer

Big shocker, eh? Well no matter what, if its live action or animated I will always pick Sam Witwer as Batman.

Link - Andrew Garfield

An actor who's really grown on me and it would be an easy job seeing how he'd only be grunting, yelling, and a couple words of dialogue would be spoken.

Ganondorf - Sean Bean

I think in live action or just animated I think Sean Bean could do it great...funny thing is that Ganondorf always dies.

Ra's Al Ghul - Viggo Mortensen

Princess Zelda - Cobie Smulders

Small role for her but I think she'd be good.

Do you think this animated movie could work? Which characters would you like to see clash? Let me know.


Would you like to see Batman VS Link?


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