ByJerome Maida, writer at
Jerome Maida

The secret battle with heroin that Philip Seymour Hoffman tragically lost had noticeably impacted his work on the The Hunger Games: Mockingjay films, a source told The National Enquirer.

Philip was often passed out on the set before his scenes. His ongoing addiction was common knowledge to everyone on the set.

If true, this makes Hoffman's story even more tragic. That his addiction reached the point where it actually intruded on the one thing he truly loved to do, acting - and in a film that potentially would make him a household name and open even more possibilities for him - is beyond sad.

However, it would be interesting to know what steps, if any, were taken to intervene on Hoffman's behalf and save him from destroying himself. Did the studio care? Or could they not afford to with a deadline to meet and millions and probably billions at stake? Did any of the cast try to help a man many saw as a colleague and friend? Jennifer Lawrence is said to be devastated. What do you think?


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