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Wow! :P The Walking Dead returned tonight on AMC with its Mid-Season Premiere "After". Rick and Carl find a temporary safe-haven, and Michonne deals with flashbacks of her past. These appear as it is obvious she has lost hope. Also, Michonne leashes two new walker pets so she can survive amongst the dead! Even though this episode develops mainly Michonne and Carl, and I believe it is the start in setting up the future events of these next seven episodes. We see the strained relationship between Carl and Rick peak to its angriest point so far, and this happened because it was submerged for so long. It is revealed Carl is very upset with Rick, and he is deeply disappointed in Rick because he failed to protect the prison. We see Carl develop a massive ego boost, and this is because he successfully dispatches three walkers by himself. Though this episode was not quite as exciting as the Mid-Season Finale "Too Far Gone", it had one major thing going in its favor. I was very impressed how this episode was adapted straight from The Walking Dead Volume 9. Here are some scenes/ bits that were adapted exactly from the comics:

1. Hershel/Tyreeses' Heads: As we watched in "Too Far Gone", Hershel gets decapitated and dies at the hands of The Governor. In Volume 8: Made to Suffer, the same thing happens to Tyreese instead. But Hershel ends up dying anyways as The Governor executes him by putting a bullet into his head. Anyway, in Volume 9 we see Michonne come across Tyreese's zombified head. She sadly grabs her sword, and then proceeds to put it down. The same thing happens in tonight's episode, but it is with Hershel instead.

2. Rick and Carl find the zombie in the store. Rick tries to execute it with an ax, but Carl shoots it in the head.

2. Carl screaming "Wake up!": This part was directly scripted straight from the lines in the comic. Literally, the lines are identical. Also, the producers even added the bit about Carl not wanting to eat the food that Rick gives him. This makes Rick angry, and he proceeds to then demand that Carl eat

3. Carl Distracts Zombies: While Carl is too busy trying to wake Rick up, he fails to realize that he has attracted zombies. He goes outside, and proceeds to terminate them by himself. Ego boost x100!

4. Carl Almost Kills Rick: While Rick begins to awake, Carl freaks out and aims his gun at him. Rick grunts, and Carl realizes he is still alive.

Well, those were some of the many adapted scenes from tonight's episode. For the record, Michonne meets up with Rick and Carl in Volume 9. However, it is in a different way. She saves Carl's life in a car by killing a walker, but in tonight's episode she finds them safe in the house.

Future Predictions: Well, I think it is obvious that Tyreese is going to die. Not only that, these next episodes are setting up for the introduction of fan-favorites Abraham, Rosita, and Eugene. After they arrive, I believe we will hit the Hunters (a group of Cannibals) and the storyline they are involved in. We'll have to see how Daryl, Beth, Tyreese, Maggie, and Glenn are holding up in the next few episodes. See you next week!

Rate: 7/10


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