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Charlie Knight Jr.

Mr. Nobody is a beautiful film. I just mean that it looks good, I mean that its audio, visuals, and story emanate beauty. I loved this film, and it will leave you with a lot of food for thought.

This review is going to be brief because I don’t want to give away too much. Please go watch this film yourself.

I saw this film as part of my time travel movie review series, and now that I’ve seen it, I realize that it isn’t exactly what most people would consider a time travel film. It certainly isn’t your traditional time travel movie at least.

In general, the film was visually gorgeous, so it was jarring when you would see what might normally be called bad CGI or green screen. Out of context, you might think that these were unintentional or not as good as the filmmakers might like, but I think that they were actually supposed to look fake. That it was saying something by looking that way.

This film actually reminded me a lot of Citizen Kane. It’s a nonlinear character study and there’s a big reveal at the end. I’m not at all saying that this is as good of a film as that masterpiece of masterpieces, but I can see the influence that it had.

Mr. Nobody has great performances, is beautifully written, and probably benefits from multiple viewings. I don’t want to say too much more, because I just want you to go watch Mr. Nobody for yourself. I highly recommend it when you have the time to dedicate to watching it.


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