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Vincent Tran

Girl of Steel Interview with Vincent Tran (Director/Writer) and Sarah McCreanor (Actress).

"I don’t think anyone can deny that the Supergirl fan film, Girl of Steel, looks pretty incredible. Last week I was granted a fantastic opportunity to sit down with the the director/writer and star of the Girl of Steel Fan Film, Vincent Tran and Sarah McCreanor, to talk about their film and the character of Supergirl. Both Vincent and Sarah were fantastic to talk with, and I loved the direction and the motives behind this incredible film. Supergirl is a character that deserves a lot more recognition and respect as a hero, not just as someone who stands up for justice, but a role model for woman everywhere. Vincent, Sarah, and everyone associated with this film should be commended on creating a heroine that’s strong, independent, and courageous. I for one do hope we see a lot more of what Vincent Tran has in store for this character, not to mention what Sarah can do with her talents and abilities. Here’s hoping for more of the Girl of Steel."

- Danny,


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