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James Edward Mills

As daytime temperatures creep slowly up above zero it’s hard not to be overwhelmed by a single notion. We still have at least six weeks of winter ahead of us. Frigid cold weather has made it difficult to get outside and even the most active among us have to dig deep to well up enough motivation for a morning jog, a few kilometers of cross-country skiing or an afternoon of ice climbing. But just when you think you can’t stand another day of the bone numbing chill a short film from the producers at Duct Tape Then Beer appears to chase away the late season blues and make you want to see a few more days of snow.

Called simply Move this charming little inspirmercial directed by Austin Siadak illustrates the words and deeds of professional adventurer and writer Will Gadd. In a not-so-subtle reminder of the importance of an active lifestyle the film produced by Fitz Cahall demonstrates how even simple movements through even an otherwise sedentary existence can offer improved productivity and happiness. Though Siadak offers up images of physical activity most might consider “extreme” Gadd’s essay aims to invoke the suggestion that any form of motion can help the body and mind find both health and balance.


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