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I think I'm one of a plethora of fans who thinks that the appearance of so many characters in Batman v. Superman is a little much. But we may all be breathing a sigh of relief.

Rumors have been circulating about who will appear in the Batman v. Superman mega-flick. Confirmed are Wonder Woman and Lex Luthor, along with standard cast members Batman, Superman, and Alfred Pennyworth, Batman (and Bruce Wayne's) loyal butler. However, everyone from Aquaman to Green Lantern to Lobo has been rumored to be attached, and many fans are wondering how that's going to work. But the newest rumors out of Warner Brothers Studios is that multiple heroes will appear, but only at the end of the movie in a major cliffhanger that is supposed to kick off the much-anticipated Justice League movie.

A move like that, to me, makes sense considering the condensed nature of creating the DC Universe to contend with Marvel's, and creating a worth Batman v. Superman storyline. Have so many characters throughout the movie would be way too much, and would have watered down a very ambitious movie. However, this move makes a lot more sense, if true.

Apparently, Man of Steel 2 is supposed to be filmed back to back with Justice League, much like Peter Jackson did with LOTR and The Hobbit. If so, then it makes sense considering the tight schedule that the movie will inevitably be on.

Although I personally wish there would be more set up, as Marvel did with individual Thor, Captain America, and Iron Man movies, really this is one of the very few ways it can be done.


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