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Nicolas Carmona

The LEGO Movie took the #1 spot of the weekend with pretty much $70 million, this sounds like summer numbers and that part took me by surprise. On the second place came another new comer Monuments Men (pending review) made $22 million, a very big difference. After that we have Ride Along with $9.5 million coming up on third place and Frozen with $6.8 million on fourth. Lone Survivor came in at fifth with $5.5 million. The other newcomer Vampire Academy came on seventh with $3.9 million, not a good sign for the movie and for the YA genre.

This Valentines day we have four movies coming out, Robocop, Winters Tale, Endless Love, and About Last Night. So two romantic movies, one romcom and one action, who will it come out on top… I think none of them, my list is:

1. The LEGO Movie
2. Robocop
3. Endless Love
4. Ride Along
5. About Last Night


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